It’s all about the state of food in MAFBEX WIRED Talks!

Held last August 22, MAFBEX WIRED TALKS was an engaging, informative and eye-opening webinar that dealt about the issue on food– an important topic we are all facing in the post-pandemic world.

One of MAFBEX Wired’s highlights, the webinar was hosted by the bubbly and welcoming Chef Gelo Guison, Marketing and PR Head of Hotel & Restaurant Chefs Association of the Philippines.

First guest speaker of the day was Ms. Cherrie Atilano, President and CEO of AGREA, a social enterprise that advocates helping the farming families in the country, who discussed about “Sustainable Food Sytems in the New Normal” and got up close and personal with AGREA’s projects that generated interest amongst the attendees.

The second speaker, Chef Jam Melchor, Head of Slow Food Youth Network in the Philippines, likewise made an impact when he meticulously talked about SFYN, a global network of young individuals that promotes sustainable food production. He is also the founder of the Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement, a campaign with a mission of preserving Filipino cuisine. “Grow your own food,” he touted. A simple yet significant means of saving money, increasing our household food supply and helping in lowering our environmental footprint.

Finally, it was Glenn dela Cruz, VP of FoodSHAP who took the last seat of the speakers of MAFBEX TALKS, who gave a bucketful of knowledge about food safety procedures, new normal protocols and best practices to ensure everyone’s safety during and after the pandemic.

The 2-hour session covered various points relevant to the crisis we are facing right now – food security. Kudos to MAFBEX for bringing these 3 educated and cognizant individuals who shared their passion and vision that sparked interest and enthusiasm in food sustainability and security, which is a vital need now for everyone immersed in the pandemic. Like Winston Churchill once said, “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”

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