Another First From WSI: WOCEE and WOSAS

The foremost expositions and events organizer of the country, Worldbex Services International (WSI), added another feather to its cap by staging the first ever World of Consumer Electronics Expo (WOCEE) and the World of Safety and Security Expo (WOSAS).

Held last September 21 to 24, both tradeshows, co-located within the World Trade Center Manila and were attended by excited crowds who perused the almost 10,000 square meter exhibition area. WOCEE featured the newest cool gadgets and the decade’s exciting innovations.

Personal transporter ideal for short distance travel.

OLED TV set that elevates the TV watching experience.

The VEX Robotics Competition, in partnership with the Mechantronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines (MRSP).

How cute these Jimu robots are! Smart robots for smarter kids of the century!

If WOCEE made your consumer electronics’ verve stimulated, WOSAS was all about the improvement of safety and security of every Filipinos. Divided into different themed areas – Security & Surveillance, Fire & Safety, Smart Home & Building, and Energy Saving & Electric Automation — WOSAS presented impressive segments throughout the duration of the exposition, including different demos like martial arts, disaster preparedness, basics of boxing and Muay Thai, the PNP’s discoursed about their TEXT BATO program, among others.

The Philippine Coast Guard gave their time to this worthwhile endeavor.

Photo credits: @wosasph

A bucketful of information from the PNP’s talk about cybercrime awareness and prevention.

Photo credits: @wosasph

Lakan Kali is a Philippine-originated martial art that can be used to defend oneself from an assailant.

Judging from WOCEE and WOSAS’ notable maiden presentation, we’re sure to expect a more exciting and engaging Year Two of the gathering of consumers, producers and innovators, along with the other sectors of the society tasks to improve the capacity of safeguarding the lives and properties of each and everyone.

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