5 Top Manila Places for Street Photography

Manila is a fascinating and interesting city for street photography. It has all the elements for a lovely photograph – the people, the streets, the new and old structures and the chaos that gives a distinct character to each and every corner.

Either with a camera phone or a DSLR, let us explore Manila through the lens and see its diverse and scenic scenes. You might get some ideas for your next street photo session! Remember that street photography is all about capturing candid snapshots of life, taking in nature and the environment spontaneously.

1. Quiapo and its neighboring areas
Quiapo Church is a favorite amongst the newbies and the seasoned street photographers because of the unceasing happenings in the area. The place never runs out of drama, density and idiosyncrasy.

Photo credits: @nicezyeymen via IG

2. Intramuros
Popularly known as the “Walled City”, Intramuros is one of Manila’s best tourist attractions. Built during the Spanish colonial times and surviving up to this day, imagine the history lodged into those massive walls! Visit during the afternoons, as the noon time lighting will surely give you impressive photos of the fortress.

Photo credits: @ccbunao via IG

3. Manila Bay
Just the mere mention of Manila Bay is something that excites any photography enthusiast. The spot and its equally famous sunset has always been a subject of many photographs, taken by both foreign visitors and locals. Who wouldn’t want to take a picture of one of the world’s best sunsets? The capital city’s sunset’ never fails to impress everyone. The anchored yachts, ships and the assortment of people at the Baywalk also provide added charisma to the photo.

Photo credits: @iam.miodel via IG

4. Makati City
The financial district is agreeably the best place to photograph lines, patterns and harmony. Its numerous skyscrapers set against the bright blue sky or the black night sky are always dramatic and powerful.

Photo credits: @_flyedmun02 via IG

5. Binondo
They say Binondo is the training ground for those who wants to dabble in street photography. Aside from being friendly, the people there are used to being surrounded by photographers, thus you’re always assured of a smiling person in your photos. Binondo’s streets are always bustling with activity and there seem’s to be no end to the hordes of people making their way in and out of its chaotic streets.

Photo credits: @iam_racelove0812 via IG

We hope you’ll have a great time snapping some photos in these places. Don’t forget to be alert and secure your personal belongings , bring water to keep hydrated and try to blend in with the crowd. Another thing to remember: every place has its own story to tell and even the most unlikely places can give us a gorgeous photo.



Cover photo credits: @monbata via IG

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