The Philippines Under One Roof In Lakbay Museo

Opened last July 2019, Lakbay Museo is the latest interactive museum that showcases the best of the Philippines. Found on the ground floor of S Maison in the posh Conrad Hotel Manila, Lakbay Museo is an IG-worthy museum highlighting the best of the country’s destinations and food. It offers 14 unique experiences featuring 11 various destinations around the Philippines.

Covering an area of 1,000 square meters, each and every corner of this colorful museum is decorated with engaging and remarkable installations and displays, mostly made of recycled materials such as old rubber tires, used slippers, plastic bottles, old tires and other recyclables. Lakbay Museo is making a big difference in raising environmental awareness while still being a cool, hip place for rediscovering our Pinoy identity.

Here are some of the things that you can experience inside Lakbay Museo; a chance to travel Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao for 2 fun hours without leaving Manila.

1. Get dressed with colorful authentic handwoven fabrics.
It’s not every day that we get to put on indigenous handwoven textiles that symbolize Pinoy’s creativity and culture. Upon entering the museum, you can choose your ‘mode of transportation’ for ‘travelling around the Philippines’, be it a jeepney, an airplane or a vinta. Fun huh?

Photo credits: @momandmisha via IG

2. Try balancing a palayok on your head.
One of the 14 experiences inside this museum, balancing a stack of clay pots or palayok is surely a fun activity that will elicit big smiles and hearty laughs. (Don’t worry about breaking these palayoks, Lakbay Museo had these native containers made from rubber!)

Photo credits: @berniceanne_ via IG

3. See the country’s iconic landmarks in beautifully-made replicas.
See the Mayon Volcano and the Cagsawa Ruins.  This is one of the museum’s highlights where everyone takes their turn in taking that photograph for their social media field. Sorry, but you can’t pinch that perfect cone!

Photo credits: @kikolokkoy via IG

4. Experience some of the country’s colorful merrymaking.
Still haven’t been to Quezon to witness the Pahiyas Festival? At Lakbay Museo, you can have photos taken with the vibrant decor that perfectly mimics this colorful harvest festival.

Photo credits: @mishaelagustin via IG

5. Be entertained with cultural performances.
Dances from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao are being performed every hour and you can’t help but join in on the fun.

Photo credits: @alden_rodil via IG

6. Have a taste of the Philippines’ traditional alcohol.
Lambanog is a strong alcoholic drink made from fermented coconut juice. It’s like the Japanese sake, but sweeter and less bitter. And yes! There’s free lambanog tasting for adults, one of the 10 freebies under tasting experiences the museo offers.

Photo credits: @hellofatiima_ via IG

7. Discover the country’s various musical instruments.
The Mindanao room displays Philippines’ native instruments like the kulintang and agung where one can have a hand striking the gongs and pretend that you know a thing or two about kulintang music (and that’s perfectly fine).

Photo credits: @ninjakitkit via IG

8. Be amazed with the country’s underwater world.
Located in the Visayas Region of the museum is a multi-colored exhibit of the Philippines’ underwater sights, which also raises awareness about the effects of water pollution.

Photo credits: @engr.samnikko via IG

9. Swim in a giant rice bowl.
Because, why not? This is a sandbox with plastic rice grains in it. It is symbolic of our country’s staple food, rice. Extra rice, anyone?

Photo credits: @_lalaland671 via IG

10. Buy souvenirs from various regions all in one go.
Of course, you can’t leave the museum without grabbing some souvenirs that you can take home; like this unique handmade, very realistic chicken wing keychain. Wait till you see isaw, kwek-kwek, adidas (chicken feet) and other Pinoy food-inspired key chains that can be described as FUN and COOL items.

Photo credits: @rebel_child909 via IG


Feeling excited now? You should be! There is plenty to see and experience in this interactive museum! Make your visit to Lakbay Museo a must before actually exploring this amazing archipelago of more than 7,000 islands. Drop in soon!


Lakbay Museo
Level 1, S Maison, Marina Way, Mall of Asia Complex

Pasay City
(02) 82531069





Cover photo credits: @zen_gueco via IG

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