Going Shopping? Here’s A List Of the Metro’s Best Tiangge!

A trip to a nearby tiangge or flea market is a must for ordinary Pinoys, especially during the holiday season. Offering assorted goods at affordable prices or “discounted” in a bazaar-like setting, a tiangge is a good alternative to the city’s shopping malls.

Here are the places to look for good, cheap finds. Haggling skills will also come in handy in these shopping destinations.

The eminent shopping destination in Manila, Divisoria or Divi for short, is the place to go to when bargain-hunting. From garments, school and office supplies, electronics, housewares and whatever you can think of, this place has it all. The shopping mecca of the Philippines, its dizzying streets have a life of its own – activities are almost 24/7 and the goods seem to never dwindle.

Unlike in the old days where Divi is messy and chaotic, thanks to the new city mayor, Divisoria is now a clean, organized shopping depot for budget shoppers.

Here are its major streets and their specialties, to find what you’re looking for:
Textiles – Ylaya Street
Decorative Accessories – Tabora Street
Plastic plants and hardware — Juan Luan going to CM Recto
Cooking and baking wares – Sto. Cristo
RTW and fruits – Sta. Elena

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Stalls are usually open as early as 8am, and its the best time to go shopping when the crowd is still thin.

Tutuban Night Market
Becoming increasingly popular for bargain hunters, the Tutuban Night Market is an outdoor shopping site located in the vicinity of Tutuban Mall. Almost a hundred stalls sell diverse products from the evening up until midnight; a perfect place for those who are doing their shopping after office/mall hours.

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The night market is open from 6m til 3am daily. During heavy rains, some stalls might be closed.

Baclaran Market, located beside the iconic Baclaran Church, is known for the many RTW clothes, shoes and toys. Not as organized as Divisoria in terms of zoning of merchandises, but an economical shopper would surely take delight in the slew of stalls selling plenty of local and even some foreign goods.

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Bypass the market on Wednesdays, as the church receives a multitude of devotees attending novena masses on Wednesdays (Baclaran Day).

Greenhills Shopping Center
With more than 2,000 stalls inside an air conditioned shopping complex, Greenhills Center offers cheap bargains in a pleasant environment. From South Sea pearls to replica designer handbags, to mobile phones, home decor and other items, Greenhills is a must for any budget shoppers out there.

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The shopping center has plentiful of stalls selling the latest mobile devices and gadgets frequented by tech aficionados. Be wary though, always check for authenticity and warranty.

Taytay Tiangge
Taytay Tiangge is the place for good quality yet cheap clothing found in the Garments Capital of the Philippines, Taytay. Locally manufactured apparel like dresses, shorts, skirts, sleepwear, blouses, even bags, are sold in bargain-basement prices.

Taytay Tiangge is the best place for buying in bulk as bigger discounts will be given. The best days to visit this shopping haven are Mondays and Thursdays, the days when new stocks are dropped.

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A minimum order of 3 pieces allows you to haggle for wholesale price.

Rows of stalls selling countless items ranging from shoes, bags, apparel, toys, fruits, vegetables, native handicrafts, religious items and many more make Quiapo a haven for wise shoppers. Like the nearby Divisoria, haggling is an ordinary and usual practice in this area.

Shopping in Quaipo also showcases a unique Filipino culture – can find anting-anting (amulets), potions and talisman sold alongside novena prayers book, rosaries and saint images.

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Be mindful of your belongings and beware of pickpockets in the area.


Are you now ready to go shopping? Fortunately, even with a limited budget, any of these six shopping places will satisfy your shopping hunger and hopefully still save money for other needs!







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