Rizal Park: Classic and Enduring

One of the most recognizable parks in the Philippines is the Rizal Park, which is located in Manila, the capital city. To be found along Roxas Boulevard, this park is the neighbor of the famous Walled City of Intramuros. Known as Bagumbayan in 1880’s, this is where the execution of the country’s national hero Jose Rizal took place in 1886 that sets the fire of the Philippine Revolution against the tyranny of Spain. And in deference to his patriotism, Bagumbayan was renamed as Rizal Park.

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A vast 140 acres, Rizal monument is the centerpiece of the park. The base which is made of granite is where Rizal’s remains are interred and on top of it, the bronze sculpture of him standing tall and proud for more than 100 years. Rizal monument was unveiled to the public in 1913. The laying of wreaths by the visiting leaders and dignitaries and the sight of the honor guards adds up to the dignity of this popular and historic urban park, the first in Asia. And rightly so, the Philippines tallest flagpole, 150 feet tall and also known as “The Independence Flagpole” is placed in front of Rizal’s monument, beautifully waving at the beloved hero and its estimated 8.2 million of visitors yearly.

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The 40-foot Lapu-lapu statue located at the middle of Agrifina Circle in Rizal Park.
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One of Rizal Park’s attractions is the Chinese Garden built in honor of the friendship between Philippines and China.
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There are other noteworthy sites in Rizal Park and all these equates with the vibrancy of life- the camaraderie of different sports enthusiast groups doing their exercises at the park, the countless picture taking with the life-sized statues, the children’s non-stop playing on the playgrounds, the giggle of young and old alike watching the dancing fountain, and the wide, sweet smiles of the tourists taking a respectful look at the illustrious resident of the park.

A family enjoying a fun picnic in one of Asia’s largesr urban parks.
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A horse-driven carriage or kalesa can be seen trotting around Rizal Park offering a tour around Manila’s historical and interesting spots.
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The contrast of old and new architecture, the fusion of local and international cuisine, the diverse sea of people, both local and foreign… these all corresponds to the motley of colors you can find in Rizal Park that adds up to the vivid hues of the fascinating City of Manila.







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