Pulang Bato

Located in the Ocoy Valley in the simple town of Valencia, Negros Oriental, a unique water scape called Pulang Bato is piquing curiosity– why it is called Pulang Bato?  Is the water cascading down from the mountain red in color?

Pulang Bato waterfalls as it is called, because of the presence of the reddish and orange rocks in the area, giving the water a reddish reflection, thus the name.  Valencia’s geography– 65 % mountainous– making the town’s temperature relatively cool.  The dense greenery surrounding the waterfalls adds up to the calming, straightforward ambiance of the place.  The refreshing water- clear and not red, yes- is an invitation to swimmers and non-swimmers alike to take a dip and just enjoy the water gushing over the rocks in a picture-perfect rural setting.

How to get there?

From Dumaguete City, ride a tricycle going to Valencia Terminal and from there, ride a jeepney going to the town of Valencia.  Upon reaching Valencia, find a ‘habal-habal’, a motorcycle, that will take you to Pulang Bato waterfalls.  It’s 20 minute ‘habal-habal’ ride that costs Php100 for a one-way ride.

Photo credits: @rowellnumberfive via IG


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