Intramuros: A Walk In Time

Intramuros, Manila’s oldest district is a famed tourist attraction for the locals and international travelers. Founded by Miguel Lopez de Legaspi in 1571, this historical landmark is a witness to this country’s failures and triumphs. Covering an area of 64 hectares, it is located near the Pasig River, used to be an important transportation route and the source of water during the Spanish time.

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Intramuros is derivative of the words “intra muros” that means “within the walls.” It is designed akin to a medieval castle with an 8 feet thick of stone walls that reaches the height of 22 feet. Home to two of Philippines oldest churches, the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (popularly known as Manila Cathedral) and the San Agustin Church. Strolling inside Intramuros, one can still find the bits and pieces of the bygone era- the throngs of plazas and ancient monuments, the imposing bulwarks, the unfussy buildings, the old-fashioned museums… For a sentimental someone, surreal is maybe the word to describe how it is walking on those roads that’s taking you to the past. And of course, Intramuros is never complete without mentioning the iconic Fort Santiago, the primary tourist attraction in the area. Here one can find the beautiful lily pond that will greet you before passing through its imposing main gate; the prison cell of Dr. Jose Rizal, the dungeons that silently speaks of the horrid stories of the past, the well-kept Rizal Shrine Museum and the inviting gardens that subtly adding timeless appeal to this Italian-Spanish style of architectural fortification.

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The Walled City or Ciudad Murada, another moniker of Intramuros, is also a place for colleges and universities, government institutions and the burgeoning of commercial establishments within the area is a great come on for the tourists and the curious alike. Partake from the choices of budget meals to the splurge chow, you will have no problem with that.

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Come and spend a day in Intramuros– have a glance at the history of this frenzied but captivating city, sometimes indecipherable, but most of the time is affable to all its visitors.




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