Here’s What Happened at WOCEE + WOSAS 2019

“Experience The Future” and “Experience the Assurance”, was an invitation that thousands accepted and participated in at the recently concluded WOCEE and WOSAS 2019.

Back on its 3rd year, the 4-day combined expo showcased an extensive display of home security systems, gadgets, software and safety and security solutions from almost 400 companies, local and foreign, in the vast space of World Trade Center Manila.

From the colorful and lively opening held on September 26 up to its last day on September 29, WOCEE and WOSAS gave the best ideas how innovation and technology can harmonize with safety and security, in and out of our home.

The back-to-back exposition had its own highlights that was all enjoyed by the attendees — the Start-Up Zone, the latest feature at WOCEE which was made up of various start-up businesses; the International Pavilion that presented tech products and services from a good number of international companies; the SecuCon at WOSAS which was well received by the guests for the helpful information about safety and security; to name some highlights.

Expect a grander coalescence of WOCEE and WOSAS next year! Be ready for more world-class products, technologies and the local and the global security innovations coming your way through the World of Consumer Electronics Expo and World of Safety and Security Expo in 2020!


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