The Charm of Makati City’s Guadalupe Church

Hidden in the urban jungle that is Makati City, a beautiful century old Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church stands majestically on Bernardino Street in Guadalupe Viejo. Popularly known as Guadalupe Church, this 16th century church was made from quarried stones from the Guadalupe mountains. It is deemed as the oldest catholic church in the city, and, has also been a treasured landmark in the financial district thus its representation in the city seal.

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The church’s exterior and interior have details of Baroque and Neo-Romanesque-Gothic architecture. The different combination of styles made the church remarkable — the facade is simple yet striking, with a beautiful arched entrance and, Doric columns and above it, a rose window. A monastery stands beside the church; both church and monastery are administered by the Augustinian friars.

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The 400 year-old church, is a popular setting for television and movie shoots because of its old world charm. Through the years, the church has also been a platform for some of the country’s choral ensembles and is a favorite wedding venue. It’s a photographer’s playground noted for its charming entrance, its imposing size and the church’s stairway — all guaranteed to be beautiful shots.

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Imagine the plethora of history this ancient wonder of Makati has seen – from its humble beginnings in 1601 when it was perched 200 steps atop a hill, to the period when the church was overtaken by different invaders and revolutionaries; it also suffered through 4 earthquakes between the years 1649 to 1863 and incurred tremendous damage in the late 1800’s. It was only in 1970 that the church was reconstructed to what we see today. Albeit not evident due to its simplicity, Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church is a long-standing witness of a rich history, of this metropolis that grew into one of Asia’s most distinguished cities – Makati.



Cover photo credits: @engr_rhei via IG

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