Divisoria, where Shopping and Haggling Goes Hand-in-Hand

When one mentions shopping, expect the name “Divisoria” to pop up in the conversation. A district in Manila which is traversed by Claro M. Recto Street, Divisoria is the bargain haven for all kinds of items – apparels, toys, accessories, pirated films, electronic gadgets, decorations, office and home supplies, fruits, dry goods, textiles and everything else you can think of.

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Divisoria’s beginnings started as early as the Spanish Colonial Era where non-Christian Chinese were not allowed to live inside Intramuros. These Chinese merchants set up their own community in the modern day Binondo, put up their shops and slowly spread their businesses into the nearby areas which include Divisoria. From then on, it has become the “bargain mecca” of the country.

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The establishment of the Tutuban Central Station in 1900’s helped the area to achieve its status as one of the National Capital Region’s leading economic centers and henceforth became a distribution hub for the different trade goods coming in from the provinces. Divisoria’s side streets are also popular go-to places for the specific products they offer. These familiar side streets are Ylaya Street, where local and imported textiles abound; Tabora Street, a place for cheap all-occasions’ souvenirs; Juan Luna, is where you can find t-shirts and RTW’s good for ‘tiangge’ or bazaars; baking supplies on Santo Cristo Street and Soler Street where assorted lighting and hardware supply shops are located.

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Since Tutuban Centermall was established in 1993, the rise of other buildings and businesses started and continue to flourish up to this day. A growing commercial hub that doesn’t show any signs of rests as it is bustling 365 days a year, Divisoria is and will continue to be a spot for economical shopping.








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