The Captivating Makati Skyline

Skyline, as defined by Google, is “an outline of land and buildings defined against the sky”. It is said that city skylines around the world differ from one another; no two city skylines look-alike; they each have unique features, thus, making them a monogram of each burgeoning city.

Makati City, the Philippines’ ultimate hub for economic and intercontinental affairs, doesn’t shy away from the list of cities with amazing skylines. With skyscrapers and highrises as the central component of this district, it ranks Number 27th in the “List of Cities with the Most Skyscrapers”. (The City of Mandaluyong, by the way, made it to Number 63). Imagine 44 (and still counting) Makati skyscrapers defining character of this metropolis anytime of day – the buildings’ lines and patterns provide a stark contrast to the bright blue afternoon sky; whilst at night, when all the buildings are adorned with glowing lights, it is when the city seems most alive, unapologetically showing its rugged beauty.

Photo credits: @heyvinzel via IG

A photographer’s delight and a gem to those who fancy stunning views from lofty structures, the Makati skyline is probably the most recognizable skyline amongst tourists. The hundreds of buildings create a fusion of figures and shadows, with Ayala Avenue and the countless side streets of the city, flashing sinuous strings of dizzying lights, presents altogether a chaotic yet fascinating concrete jungle welcoming everyone to Makati City.

Photo credits: @iam_aldrick via IG

Whether your enjoying it at one of the city’s deluxe rooftop restaurants, or simply by your office window taking a coffee break, Makati skyline will surely find you wanting. Though, as all of us experienced Makati know, it’s what’s in store inside Makati that keeps us coming back.

Photo credits: @iamjeck via IG


“There’s so much beauty when your eyes lay lost in the city light”.
Motionless in White, City Lights






Cover photo credits: @ardenthegreat via IG

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