10 Art Murals in BGC

The walls in BGC’s buildings have become canvasses that depict various positive messages. These colorful and intricate works of art are made by different artists from all over the world. It has since become part of the financial and lifestyle district and count as one of its attractions.

How many of these stunning murals have you seen? Don’t forget to spot them and take a pic!

1. Title: Beyond Borders, Peaceful Voyage
Location: 26th Street cor 5th Avenue
Photo credits: @iamrosannateves via IG

A collaboration of artists from 11 ASEAN countries, this mural features a traditional shelf in Korea called chaekgado which carries the various symbols from the countries that collaborated in the mural, representing their friendship and union.

2. Title: The Heart of God’s Country
Location: 5th Avenue cor 32nd Street
Photo credits: @makoysworld via IG

California-based muralist Andrew Schoultz is the artist behind this 85-foot high mural about nature and regeneration.

3. Title: Pangako
Location: Bonifacio High Street, Lane P
Photo credits: @bartcorpuz via IG
Artist: Anjo Bolarda

4. Title: Kapit Kamay
Location: Bonifacio High Street Central, 30th Street cor 7th Avenue
Photo credits: @hekig.yoku via IG

One of the newest murals in BGC, Kapit Kamay was done by Biskeg Pangasinan Artist Collective. It is about one person helping another, the dogma portraying how older older artists are helping and making way for a new generation of artists.

5. Title: Magsasaka
Location: Burgos Eats on Rizal Avenue
Photo credits: @micoelequin via IG

Artists Archie Oclos and Aleili Ariola gave tribute to the beloved Filipino farmers who tirelessly toil the fields so that we can all have something on the table.

6. Title: The Way Home
Location: One Parkade
Photo credits @pammorfe via IG

A series of 3 murals painted on the side of the One Parkade Building, The Way Home is Solana L. Perez’ depiction of homesickness, sentimental mood and the longing of going back to childhood. Raised in Baguio City, Solana’s art features figures of horses, centipedes and mountains – all of which represent her life in the Cordilleras.

7. Title: Between the Lines
Location: 7th Avenue cor Federacion Drive
Photo credits: @aylarawan via IG

Taking up the entire wall of a building, this well documented mural of an astronaut with luminous green lines is the work of CRYCLE, a 2-man team of multidisciplinary artists from California. It also serves as a landmark for Mercato Centrale, a lifestyle night market.

8. Title: Dating Tagpuan
Location: C3 Annex, Bonifacio High Street Central (30th St. Cr. 7th Avenue)
Photo credits: @zarlyo via IG

Made by artists from Antipolo, this mural talks about an old place where people meet, to maybe share ideas, connect aspirations or to simply just talk about mundane things. Painted on adjacent walls, a man on one side and a woman on the opposite, romanticizes the idea of a rendezvous between the two.

9. Title: Tree House
Location: Bonifacio High Street B2 Portal
Photo credits: @ thelordeilser via IG

When in B2, don’t forget to take a look at the Tree House, a mural made by artists Jerson Samson and Janica Rina. This art piece is about the problem of and the whimsical idea of building houses on tree tops.

10. Title: Manpower
Location: Net One Center
Photo credits: @ton.lecias via IG

Artist Kris Abrigo’s tribute to the labor force of the country., this colorful visual reminder is about the importance of these individuals in nation building.

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Cover photo credits: @kristofferjustin via IG

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