Team Building Activities: What to do And Where to Go

Team building activities are essential to achieving a better, healthier and comfortable work environments for everyone. These activities strengthen the roles and connections of teams with one another, improve communication and bring out a friendly-collaborative culture, resulting in a positive environment that generates positive impact on shared goals.

With all these assenting reasons, here are some ideas of team building activities that all spell fun. You’re sure to expect a more happy and productive team after this!


What to do? Solve a mystery.
Get ready to use your brainwaves and try not to fail! Escape room challenges encourage cooperation and individual contribution, and improves communication as solving a mystery requires finding clues and updating one another as you progress through the game.

Photo credits: @mschinita_michelle via IG

Where to go? Mystery Manila
Several branches within the city.

What to do? Sweat under the sun.
Have a grand time with your gang amidst the lush surroundings of some of the eco-recreational parks located in the outskirts of the city. Have fun being one with nature and don’t forget to cheer and participate in conquering the rope and the challenging obstacle courses. It’s team dynamics at its best!

Photo credits: @enjoy_biagtan via IG

Where to go? Phillip’s Sanctuary
Pestano Farm, Brgy. San Juan, Antipolo, Rizal.

What to do? Beach bonding.
Beach activities are surely a lot of fun and can be a venue for collaborative group ventures. It will be a good fun under the sun while playing beach volleyball or paddling your way to victory in boat racing or putting all-out effort in making the most impressive sand castle… This beach bonding will surely be remembered by each and everyone in the team. And oh, the blue waters and picturesque setting also adds up to that beach holiday feeling.

Photo credits: @krysique via IG

Where to go? Camayan Beach Resort
Subic Baraca National Hwy., Ilanin Forest West, Subic, Zambales

What to do? Karaoke night.
It’s time to bring out the performer in you, take the spotlight and sing like your favourite idols.
A group performance is also a welcome treat for the night. This activity allows everyone to get to know each other in a fun, light environment.

Photo credits: @monkeymajet via IG

Where to go? Karaoke Republic
Timog Ave., Diliman, South Triangle, QC



What team building activity you think will suit your organization? Any one of these fun activities will equate to your team having a great time and will create a harmonious and friendly collaborative culture.

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