Silog: A Pinoy’s Favorite Breakfast

If Pinoys will make a list of their favourite breakfast, certainly silog will make it to the top of that list.

Silog is an amalgam of the first syllables of sinangag (garlic fried rice) and itlog (egg,) and can be served with different components. You can actually make “silog” with everything – tapa, hotdog, longganisa, chicken, Spam… the options are vast. Here, Locale City Guide lists down the best silog meals every Juan and Maria like to chow down on. And, you can enjoy any of these not just at breakfast, but throughout the day!

Tapa (marinated beef or pork) + silog
The most popular silog combination, tapsilog graces the menu of the humble carinderia to some of the city’s modern restaurants. This classic Pinoy dish is a hearty combination of sour, salty and sweet and best enjoyed with tomatoes as a side dish and spicy vinegar for dipping.

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Tocino (cured meat) + silog
Another favourite combo, tocilog is a filling dish whether eaten at home or in a restaurant. The sweetness of the cured meat is a welcome balance to the saltiness of sinangag and fried itlog.

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Hotdog + silog
Delicious meal for breakfast or brunch, hotsilog is a favourite of kids amongst the silog combinations.

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Fried chicken + silog
Imagine a piece of fried chicken, egg and rice served for a single meal — that’s chicksilog!

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Longganisa + silog
Another meat and silog variant, longsilog is an easy-to-prepare meal composed of local pork sausage called longganisa, garlic fried rice and fried egg.

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Bangus (fried milkfish) + silog
Some veer away from eating meat but still want silog for breakfast, then fried bangus or milkfish is paired to complete the dish medley. Other types of fried dried fish can also be used to pair with silog.

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Corned beef + silog
Corned beef is one of Pinoy’s favourite canned goods, thus making a silog meal out of it is innevitable. The corned beef is cooked with potatoes and onions first, then served with the two ingredients.

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Pork chop + silog
A kiddie fave, porksilog is a heavy meal with the pork cooked either grilled or fried. Served with banana ketchup for kids and atsara (papaya relish) for adults.

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We bet you have your own favourite silog combo that you crave for once in a while… and that you not only eat this savory meal during breakfast, but sometimes eat it after heavy drinking as recovery food, or as a merienda to quell your hunger! Whenever or however you eat it, eating silog is as Pinoy as it gets!


Here are some popular silog restaurants that you can try:
Tapa King– Several branches in the city
Goodah – Several branches in the city
Heaven’s BBQ – The Fort Strip, BGC
Breakfast at Antonio’s – Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
Recovery Food –Branches in BGC, Alabang, MOA






Cover photo credits: @kellyaranton via IG

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