Get Ready to explore the Queen City of the South through Locale Cebu!

When someone mentions Cebu, images of lechon, the Sinulog Festival and the Magellan Cross pop to mind. But there’s more to Cebu than that.

One of the country’s most developed provinces, Cebu is also one of Asia’s fastest rising economic hubs. Its capital, Cebu City, was hailed as Queen City of the South for being the core of business, trade, tourism and education in the Visayas Region. It is also one of the country’s top crowd drawers, being composed of numerous gorgeous islands and natural attractions. Indeed, there’s no stopping Cebu from thriving in local and international trade and travel. Having said that, Locale City Guide, the country’s first ever city guide, is pleased to bring you Locale Cebu. It is the first Locale issue in the Visayas and the first city guide in the province that will uncover the oldest city in the Philippines. Locale Cebu will show you places to discover – restaurants, hotels and wellness spots, and areas to explore – hidden paradise and tropical getaways that will surely make your visit in this amazing province a memorable one.

Grab a copy of Locale Cebu in different drop-off locations and we assure you of exciting things to see as you flip through the pages of our handy travel guide. Get ready to dig into the 9th largest island in the country and experience its unique and colorful Cebuano culture.

Maayong Pag-abot sa Provincia ng Cebu! Mabuhay!

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