8 Must-See Places in the PH this 2019: Underrated Yet Impressive

You might have been to Baguio or Boracay or Palawan a few times already and it’s time to look at the other underrated yet impressive spots this country of more than seven thousand islands has in store for everyone out there. Yes, these places deserve a spot in your 2019’s must-see list of new places!


Tangadan Falls
La Union is not just about surfing and beach bumming. In the quiet town of San Gabriel lies a beautiful two-level waterfall called Tangadan Falls, one of the ten waterfalls in the province. A side-trip when visiting San Juan town, Tangadan Falls only costs P30.00 as entrance fee, but its rawness and grandeur commands more than that. It is a colossal cascade, made even more stunning by huge polished boulders surrounding it. Cold turquoise water, lush vegetation and the scenic trail add up to the underrated beauty of this waterfall.

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Apao Rolling Hills
A visual delight, Apao Rolling Hills in Abra is a chain of wavelike rolling hills found in the municipality of Tineg. Surreal may be the best description when looking at the natural, majestic, placid and relaxing view complemented by the crisp, cool mountain breeze. Apao Rolling Hills have two sides: it shows off different shades of green during the rainy season, and changes to brown on dry months. Yet, whatever the season is, it has not failed to give a scenic view of the province’s rugged beauty.

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Magalawa Island
Located in Zambales, Magalawa is a 56-hectare island that boasts of white-to-cream fine sand, clear water, a beautiful sandbar, lofty coconut trees swaying to the cool sea breeze from the South China Sea that is rich in marine life. The island is under the jurisdiction of Palauig and can be reached by a 10-minute boat ride. There are 2 resorts operating on the island – Armada and Ruiz, the latter having spartan amenities compared to the former (which by the way is where the lovely sandbar is located), but is frequented by backpackers for being budget-friendly. Nevertheless, the island is perfect for a simple escape away from the bustle of the city.

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Bojo River
Would you like to see the merging of turquoise and cerulean waters? Then, take time to explore Bojo River in the quiet town of Aloguinsan — one of Cebu’s last cleanest and best preserved rivers. Sign up for a river cruise and see the different species of mangroves, corals and birds and get ready to marvel at the beautiful green landscapes, rich mangrove forest and imposing limestone cliffs. And if all these are not enough, wait till you see your boat make its way out of the river into the sea, where you can snorkel and catch a sight of lovely, healthy corals. This is one cruise you will not regret taking.

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Danjugan Island
What used to be an exploited fishing area, Danjugan Island is now a marine sanctuary under the project of The Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation. It is a 43-hectare land and marine reserve in the Southeast part of Negros Occidental. With 5 beautiful lagoons and a forest enclosed with amazing limestones, Danjugan is indeed a special island with an irresistible beauty to discover. There are 2 accommodations on the island, one on the east side, and the other one on the west. Aside from admiring its natural beauty, visitors enjoy activities like snorkeling, bird watching, kayaking, scuba diving and a lot more.

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One of the country’s underrated provinces, Capiz teems with natural and enchanting tourist attractions often overlooked by travelers. The province has charming waterfalls inside a military reservation camp – the Malinamon Falls, a cool and clean cascade that passes over some rocks, and the lovely Kalikasan Falls, with its water that flows down from a gorge-like composition; one has to ask permission with the military reservation to visit these natural wonders. There is also Baybay Beach, where several seaside eateries line up that offer the freshest catch of the day. Aside from these, other eco-tourism attractions are thriving well in this province waiting to be explored.

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Kiokong White Rock Wall
For the ultimate adventurers, the Land of the Promise, Mindanao, is the best place to get that solid adrenaline rush. Quezon, Bukidnon is where the 550-foot tall Kiokong White Rock Wall is located — the venue of the first bivouac adventure in the country and the heart of Kiokong Tourism Park. A local outfitter offers tours where guests can climb and stay for a night on the cliff’s ledge which is 400 feet above the ground.  Majestic view is guaranteed!

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Lapsay Lagoon
Lapsay Lagoon, another jewel of Tinago Island, is becoming a must-see destination in the province of Surigao del Norte. The fascinating and serene lagoon in the municipality of Tagana-an is part of a large protected marine sanctuary on the island. Lapsay Lagoon can be likened to Kayangan Lake in Coron but it has its own charm that will render anyone speechless upon seeing its crystal clear turquoise water, lush greenery and the placid vibe the place emits. Take our word for it — the water is so inviting you can’t resist swimming in the lagoon!

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How many of these places tickles your wanderlust? Our country is really a stunner! From Luzon to Visayas, down to Mindanao, a plethora of stunning spots awaits you to explore. So get ready, gear up and find your bliss in any of these 8 must-see places in the Philippines!





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