7 Fun and Unique Things to do in the Philippines

With more than seven thousand islands and islets, the Philippines has surely more than a dozen fun and unique things to do in every city and far-reaching province. Are you an adventurer by heart? Then our country is a perfect haven for you to explore unusual landscape, taste remarkable cuisine and enjoy exhilarating activities.

Get ready for some enjoyable and unique things to do awaiting in every nook and bend of this amazing country.

1. Eat balut.
They say that tasting local food is one way of getting to know a country. Most often, a first-time visitor of the Philippines is dared to to eat one of the country’s most exotic delicacies, the protein rich duck egg that locals call balut. This iconic Filipino food either fascinates or scares foreigners away; but for locals, balut is a healthy snack that can be bought anywhere.

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2. Bathe in a kawa.
One thing that you should not miss when visiting the region of Western Visayas is to try bathing in a large cauldron called kawa, filled with water and infused with flowers and herbs, heated to your desired temperature. The most popular kawa hot baths are in the town of Tibiao, Antique where it originated.

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3. Visit the sunken cemetery.
Probably the most famous sunken cemetery in the world, the Sunken Cemetery of Camiguin Island is found in the waters of Bohol Sea. Remnants of a violent volcanic eruption in 1871 that displaced the community cemetery and some portion of the town of Catarman under the sea, a huge cross was built in the middle to mark the old gravesite and it can be reached by hiring a boat. Aside from admiring the stillness of the site, diving and snorkeling around the submerged cemetery are must-do activities as the place is also considered a marine sanctuary.

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4. Ride a jeepney.
The jeepney is the most practical way of travelling around the Metro and found in almost all major roads in the Philippines. Inspired by U.S. military jeeps from WWII, jeepneys are well-known for its colorful decorations and are one of the country’s famous iconic symbols, with the title “King of the Road” – a term most locals agree with, given the way they maneuvered in and out of the traffic.

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5. Swim with the butanding.
Is a whale shark encounter in your bucket list? The Philippines, home to the second largest gathering of butanding or whale sharks in the world, is the best place in Asia to get up close and personal with these large yet gentle giants of the sea. Oslob in Cebu and Donsol in Sorsogon are two of the popular go-to places for a memorable encounter with these magnificent sea creatures, that usually gather and swim alongside boats or yachts at the early hours of dawn.

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6. Experience the thrill of sand boarding.
The Philippines is gifted with an ample number of natural playgrounds for every type of adventurer out there –water falls, mountains, reefs, cliffs and sand. Yes, sand! Up in the northern province of the Philippines in Ilocos Norte, we have remarkable sand dunes that provide exhilarating 4×4 rides and sand boarding activities.

The La Paz Sand Dunes and Paoay Sand Dunes never fail to attract tourists who are all eager to experience the thrill of sliding over sand using a plank of wood. No problem if you crash half way down; you can always try again until your fear is replaced by fun.

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7. Take part in a local fiesta.
To fully understand and appreciate Filipino culture and traditions, one should try attending a local fiesta held annually in all various provinces and towns. A Philippine fiesta is an amalgam of Spanish influences and native or indigenous concepts held in honor of a patron saint, or to celebrate a good harvest, or to celebrate a notable historical event.

Some Philippine fiestas and festivals have already gained a huge following – Pinoys and foreigners alike — such as the vibrant Ati-atihan Festival and the grand Sinulog Festival. Whichever fiesta or festival you’ll take part in, you’re sure to experience the Filipinos’ authentic gaiety and hospitality.

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Are you ready to make plans now? We hope you tick off these 7 unique and fun things to do in this amazing country where you’re guaranteed to have a good time experiencing the Filipinos’ way of life.




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